What is Krátom? It´s a Plant from Asia with helps for several deseases

What is Kratom ?
Known mostly by its botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa, Kratom is a native Southeast Asian plant tree. It is commonly found in Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. When consumed in low doses, it works as a stimulant while high doses can cause sedation. People often get Kratom to use as a painkiller, recreational drug, treatment for opium addiction, and medicine for diarrhea.

What is Kratom’s Medicinal Use? For those who want to know about what is Kratom, its essential to understand its medicinal use. For centuries, Kratom was widely used for treating diarrhea in South-East Asia. Interestingly, its still used for this purpose in many tribes and villages. Since it contains pain killing properties as well, many people get Kratom for relief from pains in different parts of the body. A lot of research is being done these days to discover the painkilling potential of the matter so it could be utilised in modern medicine as well.

Mitragynine has lesser analgesic impact compared to morphine, however, it doesn’t exactly cause much dependence which makes it a better option for relieving minor to moderate aches and pains. This is one of the reasons why most people get Kratom. Typically, there is a high amount of mitragynine in the plant, which makes it practical to extract. The strongest analgesic effects have been found in 7-hydrohydroxymitrangynine, however, it´s not found in ample quantity in Kratom. It´s not exactly practical to extract this type of alkaloid since its quite rare, however, if the ordinary mitragynine could somehow be converted into 7- hydrohydroxymitrangynine, modern medication could progress manifolds on its basis. People who get Kratom would be able to enjoy a lot of advantages then.

Since we are on the topic of what is Kratom, you would be interested to know that some research is also being done on Kratom’s advantages for reducing the risk of cancer.